Cunliffe & Associates is a local Ottawa firm, with a team mostly born and raised here. We are proud to contribute to our community as our buildings have had a major, generational impact on our growing City.

Working with Cunliffe & Associates you will see a lot that separates us from the rest in the world of structural engineering. More specifically, here is what makes us different…

We are Practically Aspirational

Before putting pencil to paper to develop a structural solution, we make it our mission to understand the goals of the project and the architectural vision behind it. This does not mean we do not stay grounded, Cunliffe & Associates recognizes that each project comes with a budget. We find creative solutions to realize the architect’s vision, we understand the importance of finding creative, affordable solutions while adhering to a practical budget.

Cunliffe & Associates recognizes that the most critical relationship to a new building or renovation project is between the architect and the structural engineer. Our team helps architects realize their concepts with confirmation, affirmation, guidance, and planning.

We find the “happy medium” between achieving the architect’s vision while balancing cost effectiveness and efficiencies.

Our team has extensive construction experience, we are able to make sure something is buildable before we put it in our design, providing you with a pragmatic approach to structural engineering.

Materials Know-How

With decades of structural engineering experience within the firm, Cunliffe & Associates is able to design/select a structural system which aligns with architectural requirements, meets the budget, and fits the construction schedule.

We understand that building types often lend themselves to specific materials for a reason. We have the wherewithal to recommend these materials or, in some instances, foresee necessary challenges before they arise, providing alternative and more sound material recommendations.

Big Picture Perspective

Our comprehensive services ensure you are receiving plans that take into account all aspects of the building construction process as well as the other discipline needs (i.e. mechanical engineering).

Our team of experts know the materials you need for the time on the calendar when construction will take place. In short, we answer the “how” in the “How do we achieve our vision” question.

Cunliffe & Associates uniquely brings extensive construction administration experience to the table, ensuring that our designs are vetted through the eyes of construction realities. Our team makes a point to visit construction sites to ensure the project goes smoothly and challenges are addressed and solved before they become delays. We are with you as we coordinate before the first shovel hits the ground and throughout with site visits to monitor construction process.

We collaborate with the other disciplines and seek solutions which meet the overall project objectives and not just the structural ones.

Technically Advanced and Meticulously Detailed

Cunliffe & Associates is fully proficient in a variety of programs including Revit and our 3D drawings can be used in BIM for absolutely no up charge. Making each and every software system more powerful with our 30 years of experience guiding our designs.

With each and every design, we provide a level of detail and quality renown in the industry. Our impeccable drawings ensure construction confusion is limited. We visit construction sites regularly to ensure confusion is avoided altogether.

Cunliffe & Associates details the structural design thoroughly so there is clear understanding for the construction tender and low risk of additional claims for unexpected work. Reinforcement is fully detailed, making tendering of reinforcement accurate and shop drawing preparation simplified.

The extraordinary detail on our drawings makes it easier for the construction firm to get accurate quotes and avoid overruns.

The “Little” Things

Every working relationship has dozens of “little” characteristics that either make the relationship untenable or a delight. It’s our assurance to you that we strive to be the latter.

We meet deadlines. Period. If there is something that arises to make a deadline a challenge, we recognize that it is our job to overcome those challenges and still meet the deadline. By staying on deadline and even catching issues we see that another firm may not, we strive to ensure there are not costly delays.  We are proactive and stop the unforeseen from costing you money because it is a good bet we have seen the unforeseen in our decades of experience.

We are also extremely responsive – when you need us, you will have our attention… promptly!

Lastly, we think you’ll love working with our extremely affable group!