Jordan Cuff, M. Eng., P.Eng.

Partner - Project Engineer, Structural Designer

Jordan Cuff is a managing Partner and Lead Project Engineer at Cunliffe & Associates. He is responsible for project design and management. His expertise includes developing preliminary design concepts, coordinating with the client, performing senior engineering design work, and providing structural guidance for other consultant team members. As a Project Engineer Jordan’s oversees and guides our junior engineers and drafting/technologists’ teams through all project deliverables.

Jordan’s experience has encompassed a wide variety of projects including new construction, additions, and retrofits. Jordan’s design experience ranges from designing high-rise condominiums, low and mid-rise structures, schools for multiple school boards, long-term care homes, commercial buildings, and unique structures. Jordan seeks to deliver a structural system which meets the architectural intent of a project, the owners’ requirements, overall building performance, and the budget by selecting the optimal structural system for a particular project.

Jordan has been with Cunliffe & Associates since 2012. Although his time at Cunliffe has primarily been spent as a structural designer, he also has substantial field experience on-site. The practical experience gained in the field has provided him with insight into how to efficiently approach structural design. He continues to provide the vital structural design services for our company’s projects, and over time he has continued to add to his responsibilities since becoming a partner in 2021.