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Preliminary Studies
Examination of the costs of various structural concepts and buildings materials and recommendations are made on the basis of owner and architectural requirements.

Structural Analysis and Design
providing complete structural analysis and design of various structures based on current code requirements and the latest technical and research information available. Computer modeling, dynamic and static analysis of structures under wind and earthquake loading is carried out using state-of-the-art CSI ETABS software, recognized as a world standard.

Drawings and Specifications
Provided by C&A offer structural drawings and specifications to ensure accurate cost estimation and fabrication, as well as facilitate construction erection. Structural design software comprises of AUTOCAD, and BMI Revit, an integrated and object-based software, allowing all disciplines to compare drawing components, resulting in efficient, accurate and economic designs.

Reports and Investigations
Investigations existing structures evaluate the feasibility of changing occupancy requirements, check the structural capacity for additions or the need for structural interventions, and detail procedures for carrying out these modifications. Conservation engineering investigations and reports of historic structures are also performed.

Supervision and Inspection
Provision of on-site supervision and inspection to ensure compliance with structural drawings and specifications and to efficiently respond to questions arising during the construction.

Code Compliance Reviews
Provision of on-site site inspection services are offered to firms outside this region to ensure drawings comply with local conditions and codes, and construction progresses to the designer’s specifications.




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